Students compete on interscholastic competitive teams beginning in the fifth grade.Team sports include soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball. Individual sports include squash, fencing, tennis, swimming, track and field, and cross country. In the High School Division, there are full Varsity and Junior Varsity programs. Grace Church School is a member of both the ACIS (Athletic Conference of Independent Schools) and the PSAA (Private School Athletic Association).

Skill development, sportsmanship and teamwork form the core of the Grace Church School athletic program. Coaches work to develop abilities in each student athlete through skill-building, team practices and interscholastic competition and to teach student athletes how to balance their sports and academic lives.


  • Indoor games and practices take place in the gym at the 86 Fourth Avenue campus (a 10,000-square-foot athletic center featuring a rock climbing wall, batting cage, and college regulation-size basketball court) and at the varsity gymnasium at the Houston Street Center at Bowery & Houston Street, which both serve as home courts.
  • Fencing takes place in the multi-purpose fitness room in the High School Division
  • Squash at the New York Health and Racquet Club on 50th Street
  • Swimming at the Houston Street Center
  • Outdoor sports are played at the East River fields located a convenient ten minutes away, offering well-drained and solid turf