Key Dates

Grace expects that students attend school each day unless they have an approved absence. Families should avoid planning to have their children miss school the day before or after a long weekend or break. The school encourages and respects the religious observances of its students and their families, whether or not those observances fall on school holidays. We ask only that parents notify their child’s division head or dean before an absence from school for a religious holiday so that teachers may adjust assignments accordingly.

2023-24 School Year

Updated July 24, 2023

July 4 Independence Day (School Closed)
August  21 Preseason Athletics Begin (HS)
August  21 New Faculty & Staff Antiracism/Orientation Workshops/Admin Opening
August 28-31 Berkshire Preseason Trip
August 28 Opening Faculty Meetings Begin (All Faculty & Staff)
September 4 Labor Day (School Closed)
September  5-6 Grade 12 Orientation/Retreat Day (Overnight)
September 6 Grades 9 & 10 Orientation Day
September 7 MS Student Orientation
September  7 Grade 11 Orientation/Retreat Day
September 7 EC and LS Opening (Early Dismissal EC and LS)
September 7-8 Grade 9 Trip with Grade 12 Peer Leaders
September  8 MS Opening Day
September  8 Early Dismissal EC
September 11 HS Opening Day
September 25 Yom Kippur (School Closed)
October  9 Fall Weekend (School Closed)
October 10 Faculty Professional Day (No Classes)
October  13 GCS Spirit Day
November 7 EC/LS/MS Visiting Day (Early Dismissal); HS Noon Dismissal; Election Day
November 10 JK–12 Conference Day (No Classes) 
November 21 Thanksgiving Break Begins (at End of School Day)
November  22-24 Thanksgiving Vacation
November 27 School Reopens
December 22 Winter Break Begins (Early Dismissal)
January  8 School Reopens
January  15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (School Closed)
January  16 Faculty Professional Development Day (No Classes)
February  13 EC & LS Conference Day (No Classes for JK-Grade 4)
February 19-20 Presidents' Day Weekend (School Closed)
March 15 Spring Break Begins (at End of School Day)
April 1 School Reopens
April  19 Middle School Conference Day (No Classes for Grades 5-8)
April  26 Grades 9-11 Conference Day (No Class for Grades 9-12)
May 15 EC & LS Conference Day (No Classes for JK-Grade 4)
May  20 Senior Retreat
May 22 Senior Dinner
May 24 Commencement (No Classes for JK-11)
May  27 Memorial Day (School Closed)
May  30 Prom
June  11 Grades 9-11 Closing
June  11 JK-4 Closing; Grades 5-7 Closing
June  12 Grade 8 Closing
June 13-18; 20-21 June School & Summer Book Club
June  19 Juneteenth (School Closed, Including June School)

Individual dates are subject to change. Should we make adjustments to the calendar, we will endeavor to communicate with as much advance notice as possible. 

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