Affinity and Alliance Groups

All children at Grace have opportunities to join discussion groups that help support, educate, and empower students while they navigate their unique identities. In affinity group spaces, those that share an identity, such as race, religion or gender, come together with an advisor to discuss the rewards and challenges they share. In alliance groups, students of all identities who share a common goal meet to learn and to think about how they might further educate their community about building a safe, inclusive and equitable school.

Lower School Student Groups

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  • CASA Jr.

    CASA (Culturally Aware Student Association) Jr. is a program for students in Grades 2-4 that provides a welcoming and supportive space for students to explore family, heritage and identity. Students are encouraged to share family traditions, explore different cultures and learn skills that support healthy and inclusive communities.
  • Banana Splits

    Banana Splits is a program for students who have experienced parental divorce or death. Established in 1978 by social worker Liz McGonagle, the group’s purpose is to to provide a safe place to express feelings, to normalize feelings through sharing, to train children in problem solving and coping skills, and to increase self esteem through mutual help. Led by a school counselor.

Middle School Student Groups

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  • C.H.A.N.G.E.

    The middle school Gender and Sexuality Alliance, CHANGE (Challenging Hate And Norms of Gender Expression), is a group for students that provides support, discussion, community awareness, and education about the LGBTQ+ community. Students organize community events and discuss ways to increase awareness among their peers.
  • CASA

    CASA (Culturally Aware Students Association) is our longest running student diversity group. CASA brings students together to hear speakers and discuss topics that explore the broad range of diverse identities in our community and beyond.
  • Students of Color Affinity Group

    The students of color affinity space is designed to offer opportunities for social-emotional and positive racial identity development.
  • Upstanding Allies

    The club works to help make Grace an inclusive school by learning about how to be an ally. Upstanding Allies, students talk about what it means to be an "ally," work on projects to help the community, and celebrate and support multiple cultures and identities. No matter where your starting point, everyone can be an ally to those who need kindness, open-mindedness, and support!

High School Student Groups

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  • ¡Hola!

    ¡Hola! is an affinity and support space for students who identify as Latine, Afro-Latine, or Hispanic. Students in this group explore their diverse identities, share experiences, and learn about opportunities to participate in events that address issues affecting Latine and Hispanic communities in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Amazing GRACE Affinity Group

    Amazing GRACE (Grounded in Race, Ancestry, Culture and Ethnicity) is an affinity space for students who identify within the Black diaspora to connect. Discussions center on issues affecting Black people and reflections on experiences at a predominantly white school.  There is also time to laugh with one another and form lasting bonds.
  • Asian Affinity Group

    The Asian Affinity Group is a support and discussion space for students who identify as Asian. Group discussions include a wide array of topics such as fighting stereotypes and discrimination, representation in the media, and the diversity among Asian identities.
  • Gender Equity Club

    This club will give ALL students a space to discuss gender inequity, regardless of gender expression. Projects include remote menstrual product drives, calls to congress members for reproductive rights, observing the centennial of the 19th Amendment, discussions of the feminist movement’s history of racial inequity, and more.
  • Jewish Affinity Group

    The Jewish Affinity Group is for students and teachers who identify as Jewish or who would like to learn more about the Jewish religion and culture. 
  • Let's Dish

    Let’s Dish: Girls of Color” is an affinity space for female-identifying girls of color (BIWOC) in which we talk about issues such as colorism, racism, beauty standards, and overall anything that affects us personally and societally.
  • Multi(G)racial

    Multi(G)racial is an affinity and support space for students who identify as biracial and/or multiracial. Students explore the unique experiences and challenges multiracial identities engender.
  • P.S. to Private

    P.S. to Private is an affinity space for anyone who has attended a public middle school at some point in their lives, with particular consideration for TEAK Fellows, Prep, Oliver, and ABC alumni. This group seeks to have open discussions about the differences between the public and private school experience with the hope that these discussions will aid in creating a more comfortable environment for incoming public school students.
  • Spectrum

    The gender and sexuality alliance group focuses on offering support for students who identify as LGBTQ+, and opportunities for allyship.  Students participate in national events such as GLSEN’s Day of Silence, and help build community awareness. This group plans our annual Pride Chapel in June.
  • Strands

    Hair is a form of expression. It can be a symbol of cultural pride or show a person's uniqueness. STRANDS is a space where we can embrace our hair. We will learn how to take care of our hair, learn about the history behind hairstyles, and be honest about our struggles with our hair. All hair types are welcome!
  • Student Diversity Council

    The Student Diversity Council is made up of representatives from our various affinity and alliance groups at the high school. This team focuses on community awareness and education by organizing events for the campus and supporting affinity group projects. The group also sends representatives to our adult Diversity Council meetings.
  • SWAG (White Identity Discussion Group)

    This open discussion group explores white identity and investigates how students who identify as white can be a part of antiracist movements. Students who join the group will read articles, share videos, and discuss the history of white identity.
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