The Early Childhood experience fosters the foundation of ethics and goodness. Kindness, love and respect are the hallmarks of our program. Our goal is to instill a joy of learning and an appreciation for the ideas and feelings of others. Our classrooms offer a safe environment where friendships are strengthened, new learning opportunities are explored, and individual as well as group accomplishments are celebrated.

The Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten years provide children with a language-rich environment where they learn through play and experience. Play serves as an important part of a child’s physical, emotional and social development and is an integral component of each day. Creativity and individuality are carefully nurtured and encouraged. The program provides a variety of experiences to support reading readiness, writing development and math skills, enabling children to become self-confident learners in their new environment. As children discover the excitement and satisfaction of learning, they also come to appreciate the values we share with the entire school community.

We encourage parents to visit the classrooms when they bring their children to school each morning. This is a special tradition at Grace Church School. Children enjoy sharing their activities and projects with family members or caregiviers as they settle into their daily routine. While formal parent conferences are scheduled three times during the year, teachers are available to meet whenever there are questions or concerns. Written reports are sent home in January and June. We believe that a successful experience in school depends on open and frequent communication with our families. 

Junior Kindergarten  Grade 8  86 Fourth Ave. New York, NY 10003 (212) 475-5609  | Grades 9 – 12  46 Cooper Square New York, NY 10003 (212) 475-5610
Grace Church School is a co-educational independent school in downtown Manhattan, New York City
providing instruction for over 700 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.
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