Student athletes at the Junior Varsity level are expected to be fully committed to their teams. At this level, they are being prepared physically and mentally to compete at Varsity level. The program stresses cooperation, skill development, strategy, fitness, sportsmanship and character development.
To prevent injury and to help athletes compete at optimum level, coaches also work with them on strengthening and conditioning. A Fitness Room, conveniently located in the high school, is available for students to use during their free time. Junior Varsity teams compete in the Private School Athletic Association (PSAA).

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All students are encouraged to tryout for a team. Team sports provide opportunities for students to grow and be exposed to new experiences. JV coaches place an emphasis on nurturing each student's talent and helping progress at their individual levels. 

Many of our JV student athletes have the opportunity to travel with and play alongside Varsity teams.
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