Technology is the means; learning, creative design and communication are the ends.

Technology Highlights

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  • One-to-One Learning Programs

    Each high school student has an iPad or laptop as a standard resource of their learning toolkit. Providing each student with a personal device challenges each student to be responsible while at the same time more in charge of their learning experience. Chromebooks are also provided on a one-to-one basis to all middle schoolers and iPads are available to all grades of Early Childhood,  Lower School and Middle School on an as-needed basis.

    Through the mobility of our Chromebook, laptop and iPad programs as well as the numerous computers provided throughout the school, students are assured of the same ongoing access from school and home.
  • 3D Printing

    3-D printing has become a design focus of several high school courses using either one of our two Maker-bot printers.
  • Robotics

    Robotics are offered at all levels of the Grace Church School extra-curriculuar program. Wedo robotics and NXT Robotics are available to Early Childhood, Lower School and Middle School students in the Grace After School Program (GASP). MIddle School students are also able to participate in Robotics as an elective as well as join the competitive team to participate in the First Lego League (FLL) competition. Robotics will be incorporated into the high school Digital Tools and Citizenship class.
  • Google Apps for Education

    Student access to Google accounts begins in 4th grade on a limited basis, using shared documents and presentation features. Use of school email accounts and the full Google Apps for Education suite become an important part of the computer curriculum starting in 5th grade and continues through high school. Skills in the use of word processing, spreadsheets, mulitmedia presentations and website creation are all developed in the context of cloud storage. Shared document capability adds an essential dimension to collaboration work skills.
  • Chromebooks, Tablets, Laptops and Labs

    Access to technology takes different forms at Grace Church School, depending on the instructional design of the project or lesson. We provide the options. Students and teachers look for the right fit of digital device to application.
  • Technology Access Program (TAP)

    Technology Access Program (TAP) guarantees online access for each family at home. The Technology Access Program is designed to provide students and their families with equal access to technology at home regardless of financial status. Grace Church School students without a computer at home, without Internet access or with very limited access are invited to apply for digital support through the TAP program.

Technology Vision Statement

The goal of the Technology Program at Grace Church School is to support the school’s mission. As such, the intellectual, social, and emotional development of our students lies at the heart of all decisions. We want our students to experience the unique ways technology can expand the reach of their intellect, broaden the scope of their perspective, facilitate the expression of their ideas, and empower them to design effective solutions to real-world problems. We seek to equip students with the knowledge and tools that will allow them to navigate an increasingly tech-driven world, and we strive to instill values of character and community that students will embody in our classrooms, at home, and in all facets of their digital life. Knowing that technology can enrich the experience of teaching, learning and living, we aim to provide our students and faculty with the hardware, applications, and skills to support classroom objectives while encouraging life-long inquiry and exploration.

Adopted in December 2017
Using technology is an indispensable skill as well as a bridge to learning, expression and connection with each other.

Our approach to technology at Grace Church School is to provide the skills and digital tools to enable students and teachers to not only implement the best solution, but to also recognize when a digital solution is appropriate and which solution will best achieve that goal. We stress the impact of technology on our quality of life, whether it means quick access to information, programming a robot or communicating through social media. We see technology as a tool, language and conceptual framework, supporting and sometimes guiding our understanding.

Each grade level emphasizes the skills and digital tools appropriate for that school year.

Grace Church School is committed to digital equity, providing as much as possible, access to the same wide range of technological choices and support. Our One-to-One iPad program in the high school as well as access to numerous mobile and desktop hardware options support the same high level of learning experience for all students. Additionally, our Technology Access Program (TAP) guarantees online access for each family at home.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is at the heart of our computer program. While digital skills are essential for expression, organization and communication, we consider “how to be” with digital tools as important as “how to do it.”  At Grace Church School, we pioneered many of the ideas that have become standard practice for acceptable use in schools. From the early days of social media, our approach has been to embrace and experience each relevant, new technology, making it possible to offer guidance to our families and students when needed. Conversations and clear expectations about ethical computer-use are introduced in Lower School and continued through High School.
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