Academic excellence remains the primary consideration in hiring and retaining faculty. We support our teachers in their use of innovative methods to reach consistent curricular goals that make our classrooms vital, stimulating, learning environments.

We believe that the professional performance of teachers is enhanced when they are given responsibility, adequate financial compensation, and a collective atmosphere of support. Just as teachers must provide a framework for growth in their classrooms, so must the school provide the same for its faculty.

Faculty and staff at Grace Church School receive a full benefits package, are supported by a generous professional development program and are given the time to attend conferences, seminars and continuing education classes. Faculty travel grants have enabled faculty members to travel to locations around the world.

The expansion of Grace Church School with a new High School Division offers a rare opportunity to individuals seeking employment in the New York City independent school arena.

The new division offers a “rigorous, college preparatory program; values academic excellence accessible to all students; offers a multi-sensory program balanced among the intellectual-academic, social-emotional, ethical-spiritual and physical realms; and is a community that embraces diversity in all of its forms.” –From the Statement of Core Values of Grace Church School 

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