As students progress through the Lower School, cross-discipline activities deepen understanding by providing hands-on experiences to explore topics ranging from American expansion, immigration and ancient cultures to literature and increasingly complex math concepts. Students look forward to their turn to participate in these events as milestones which signify growth, maturity, and progression through Grace Church School. 

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  • Math Graph Breakfast

    Grade 1 students host the Math Graph breakfast where they teach their parents how to use and read graphs.
  • Square and Contra Dance Performance

    The 1st and 2nd grades hold an annual dance performance reflecting American folk and social dance traditions. Live music is provided by the Grace Church Faculty Band.
  • International Games Breakfast

    Grade 1 students teach their parents various games from around the world.
  • Publishing Party

    Second grade students spend several months writing, editing, and putting into "publishing format," a Tall Tale that they created, using the style of famous Tall Tales that they have read during the year.  Parents are invited into the school library to listen and see for the first time, their child's finished, "published" story.
  • Japanese Children's Society

    The Fourth Graders, get to experience the very beginning stages of our Foreign Exchange Program, when they become young diplomats, representing our school in the Autumn, during a yearly visit to this Japanese School, located in northern New Jersey.  We do a reciprocal host/guest international exchange in February, when our Exchange Program school, comes to visit us. When the Japanese students visit us, we put the children in age appropriate classrooms, which allows for other divisions and grades the opportunity to host our "foreign" guests. Each of the visits helps to build a finer understanding and appreciation of another culture.  The visits are filled with assemblies, classroom visits, and fun-filled, hands-on projects, as well as the traditional exchange of gifts.  Each school provides a traditional national lunch during the exchange.
  • Athens/Sparta Debate

    The Athens - Sparta Debate is the culmination of the students' research on a specific topic either from the Athenian or Spartan perspective.  The great debate, as to which society will win, is determined by an actual judge.  The students come to the debate, not only academically well prepared, but with seriousness of purpose.  
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