In the Middle School, students learn to assume greater responsibility and feel confident in the face of more complex academic and social experiences. The value of self-discipline and good study habits becomes increasingly clear as they are introduced to new areas of intellectual, artistic and social challenge. Classes in Character Education and Service Learning in all Middle School grades enhance the development of students. Beginning in Grade 5, students change classes for each subject and assume the responsibility for following their individual programs.

The mathematics curriculum emphasizes verbal problem solving, algorithms, and teaching for understanding as well as for skill development. The English program strives to instill delight in the written word and in the English language. The carefully articulated curriculum guides students towards becoming increasingly sophisticated and subtle readers, writers and thinkers.  The history curriculum in Middle School moves from the study of Africa, Medieval European History, Islam and women in history, to a comprehensive study of American history from the explorers to the 20th century and 20th century world history. The study of French or Spanish continues in Middle School, and moves from an emphasis on the spoken language to a greater stress on grammatical structures and active social usage. Latin is offered in Grades 7 and 8. The Middle School science curriculum provides instruction in both the life and physical sciences. All students practice cooperation, physical coordination and skill development in the physical education program.

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