The dance curriculum sets a foundation for lifelong intellectual and social growth.
Dance Show 2020 Promo: "In These Unprecedented Times"
Dance is an active part of the school-wide curriculum. The mission of the dance department is to develop physical skill, social aptitude and mental proficiency through the art of dance.  In keeping with the school’s overall mission, the dance faculty aims to establish a firmly rooted confidence in each student’s abilities. The dance curriculum sets a foundation for lifelong intellectual and social growth, while developing mental keenness, physical confidence, pleasure in learning, and the skills basic to understanding one's self and the world through dance.

The JK and K participate in a combined Dance and Music class where self-exploration is key.  In the lower school and the early middle grades, choreographic tools, technique, dance styles and dance composition lead to dance literacy. 7th and 8th graders can elect to be a part of the middle school arts rotation. At this point students are able to use technique and choreographic tools developed over the years to create an original full length dance performance. At the high school level, dance continues to be taught as a distinct artistic and cultural discipline that combines physical training with the development of an artistic voice. Students have the opportunity to perform choreography by dance faculty and world renowned guest artists, as well as their own.
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