Hallways Parent Talks

Parent Talk: Understanding and Preventing High-Risk Behavior in Children & Teens
LS/MS Parents: November 8 at 8:30am
HS Parents: November 15 at 6:00pm
(HS Auditorium)
Are you concerned about some of the choices your child is making at school and with friends?
Are you unsure what to say when you overhear your child and their friends talking about social media, dating, drinking or parties?
Join Hallways this November for a parent talk on Understanding and Preventing High-Risk Behaviors in Children & Teens. This presentation provides parents and caregivers with the latest research on effective prevention and strategies that support parents in being able to communicate with their kids around challenging topics, such as responding to peer pressure, resisting early drug use and coping with stress and anxiety.  
In this workshop we will discuss how to initiate these challenging conversations and equip children with the support and skills they need to manage increasingly complex social dynamics and situations. Our mix of research and personal reflection allows parents to put key concepts into practice and walk away with new tools and approaches that can be implemented right away with their children.
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