100 Days of Joyful Math Learning

“When we play games, it makes learning math fun,” says kindergartener Michaela B. “And,” she adds, referring to the game Spill Ten Beans, “I like that the beans look like jelly beans.”

On Friday, February 24, kindergarten students hosted their parents for an event celebrating 100 days of joyful math learning.
During “K 100 Days,” as the event is called, children excitedly showed their parents several math games that they have learned throughout the year to help them with addition, estimation, geometry & shapes, and grouping. Families also participated in estimation challenges, guessing how many triangles they could draw in one minute; how many flowers could fit in a big circle; and how many game chips could fit into a container (exactly 100!). Celebratory events like K 100 Days reinforce the idea that math is fun while fostering the school-home partnership that is so critical to effective learning.

“The goal of the kindergarten math curriculum is to help students develop a joyful math mindset and the foundational skills that will accompany them throughout their time at Grace,” says JK-4 Math Coordinator Leah Silver. “We know from Professor Jo Boaler and others that students who have positive associations with math are more likely to successfully tackle complex problems as they grow up. Our kindergarten teachers work tirelessly each day to bring the excitement of math into the classroom–whether helping students discern patterns in the Number Corner calendar or playing one of our math workplace games. Using Bridges in Mathematics as our guide, students use the tools and build the skills that prepare them for more advanced math study in later years.”
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