Middle School Athletics Program Grows

Following the last class of the day, the hallways of Grace Church School are invariably bustling as students put away their books and calculators and head to their after-school activities. For many, this means embracing their inner Griffin and stepping (or, more aptly, running) onto the field.
In recent years, interest in after-school sports has steadily climbed. This year, to accommodate the burgeoning number of student-athletes, the Middle School Athletics Program’s schedule shifted. A few thoughtful adjustments, including changing the days on which different teams meet and aligning PE/Fitness classes with after-school athletics, have led to big gains for Grace’s student-athletes. Athletics Director Tim Quinn says, “The change allows our teams to utilize space more efficiently, and that’s translated to more field time for our students. I think they’re able to benefit from the program more than ever, and we’re already seeing the results. And beyond that, the time shift gets students home earlier than in previous years. They have more time to do homework and more time to recharge before the next day. It’s a win-win.”

The hope is that this year’s change is just the first step in what will eventually become a larger expansion of the Middle School Athletics Program. Stay tuned to hear what the Griffins will do next!
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