High School Clubs Kick Off

The room was buzzing last week as students packed the high school gym for the High School Club Fair. Students unfurled banners and gingerly arranged posters and props, excitedly preparing to share their expertise with their classmates–and, with any luck, recruit a few new club members in the process.
A robust selection of 15 school-sponsored clubs, including Debate Club, Math Olympiad, and Model U.N., is supplemented by a record-number (24 to be exact) of student-sponsored clubs: everything from Philosophy to Video Game Design to Biotechnology. So much more than just a way to spend their leisure time, clubs are an opportunity for students to complement their academic pursuits and deepen their understanding of a subject about which they care deeply. 

“Proposing a club, recruiting members, and learning to lead meetings with the support of a faculty advisor are excellent ways for older students to share their passions with the community and to practice leadership on a small and manageable scale. Students have the ability to start fine-tuning their interests and making connections well before they get to college,” says Dean of Student Life Ilana Laurence.
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