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Pleasure in Learning

The Early Childhood years provide children with a language-rich environment where they learn through play and experience. Play serves as an important part of a child’s physical, emotional and social development and is an integral component of each day. Creativity and individuality are carefully nurtured and encouraged.
The Lower School is the bridge between Early Childhood and the divisions that follow, laying the foundation for lifelong intellectual and social growth. In grades two through four, students begin to develop a true love of learning as they assume more responsibility and begin honing the skills to become engaged and independent thinkers.
In the Middle School, students learn to assume greater responsibility and feel confident in the face of more complex academic and social experiences. The value of self-discipline and good study habits becomes increasingly clear as they are introduced to new areas of intellectual, artistic and social challenge. Classes in Character Education and Service Learning enhance the development of students.
The High School brings the school’s rich tradition and commitment to excellence in academics, arts, athletics, ethics, diversity and community to the college preparatory, secondary school level. The core characteristics of the school - a proven academic track record, the joy of focused learning, the warmth of a caring community and engagement with the wider world - find broader avenues for expression in the vibrant and dynamic academic environment of the High School.
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