Class of 2021 Senior Gift

Class of '21, 9th Grade
The Senior Class Gift is a special effort that marks the culmination of the Grace experience and gives us the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for future Grace students. Your gift supports two funds that speak directly to Grace’s core values. Donors to the fund may choose to direct their gift to either or both of these funds.

The Fund for Student Support

The Fund for Student Support is a permanent fund to provide means to those who need assistance in order to take advantage of the full range of opportunities available to all students beyond the classroom. Examples might include international exchange, internships, summer study programs, counseling, tutoring and other needs as they may arise.

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    The Student Support Fund is used in instances when students cannot afford services or opportunities that are available to all students. It is flexible in meeting unforeseen needs.

    • Testing showed that a student’s struggles were not due to learning disabilities but to hearing loss. After insurance, the fund paid the balance for hearing aids for the student.

    • A GCS graduate did not have transportation to get to her college; the fund rented a car so that her parents could take her there.

    • Several students eligible to go on the school’s international exchange programs could not afford the added fees. The fund made up the difference between the cost and what they were able to pay.

    • A rising senior had no way to visit a college to which she had applied; the fund bought tickets to send her for an interview.

    • When the school determines that a student needs outside tutoring, and the parents cannot afford it, the support fund will cover the cost.

The Fund for Faculty Enrichment

The Fund for Faculty Enrichment is a permanently endowed fund, expressing appreciation to the teachers of Grace Church School, providing study and travel grants and other amenities for faculty members. The gift rewards teachers personally and professionally, encouraging the spirit of discovery and enlightenment.

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    The Faculty Enrichment Fund underwrites travel/study grants that are rewarding both personally and professionally. Through cultural vouchers, the fund also makes possible experiences in New York City that are not always available to teachers.
    Excerpts from travel grant applications
    Israel and Jordan: “I designed a trip that combines Christian, Jewish and Muslim historical, modern day and religious sites. I feel as if one cannot truly understand the Israeli Palestinian conflict without having spent some time in the Holy Land. This journey…held intellectual, religious and emotional aspects.”
    South Africa: “As a high school student I remember studying about apartheid and being amazed that such a system could exist in the ‘modern” world’….I wanted to visit the nation of South Africa to learn about its history, culture and the now defunct system of apartheid…and the legacy of Nelson Mandela.”
    Namibia: “Namibia is one of the youngest countries in the world. It was a German colony…became part of South Africa…until independence in 1990.  Its constitution is one of very few in the world that includes a provision for environmental conservation.  I would like to see firsthand how Namibia has progressed into a young, stable democracy.”
    Alaska: “I wanted to witness the pristine wilderness…simply being in the land that drove prospectors to take such extreme measures in their quest to strike it rich. I gained a far broader perspective on the precious resources the United States has in Alaska…and this trip enriched my teaching.”
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