Financial Aid Funds

Arrial Seelye Cogan Scholarship Fund 
Arrial Cogan was a trustee, parent, grandparent and esteemed friend at Grace Church School. This fund, established by her children in her memory provides financial aid for qualified children who might not otherwise be able to attend the school.
Barbara June Cornell Fund for Inclusion 
This fund, devoted to providing scholarships for African-American and Latino students, was established by Drucilla Cornell and Gregory DeFreitas in honor of Ms. Cornell’s mother.
Grace Church School Scholarship Endowment 
Established by the school and funded by gifts from parents, alumni/ae, parents of alumni/ae, grandparents, friends and foundations, this fund supports financial aid for qualified students.

Fund for Student Support
A permanent fund that provides means to those who need assistance in order to take advantage of the full range of opportunities available to all students beyond the classroom. 
E. Allison Grant Scholarship Fund 
Started by parents and alumni/ae in 1963 in honor of Mr. Grant, Headmaster from 1947 to 1969, the fund provides financial aid for qualified students.
Jean A. Hughes Family Scholarship Endowment for Students of Color 
In honor of his mother, alumnus Von Hughes ‘83 established this fund to provide financial aid to students of color at Grace Church School.
Parents' Association Scholarship Endowment Fund 
Established in 1981 by the Parents' Association, this endowment for financial aid is increased each year with proceeds from the Parents' Association Benefit.

Faculty Funds

Fund for Faculty Enrichment
A permanently endowed fund created to express appreciation to the teachers of Grace Church School by providing study and travel grants and other amenities for faculty members. The gift rewards teachers personally and professionally, encouraging the spirit of discovery and enlightenment. 
The Kingsley Ervin Endowment For Excellence in Teaching 
This fund for faculty compensation was established in 1995 by past Board Chairs of Grace Church School in tribute to Kingsley Ervin's extraordinary years of leadership as Headmaster.
Grace Church School Faculty Endowment 
Established by the school and funded by gifts from parents, alumni/ae, parents of alumni/ae, grandparents and friends, this fund supports faculty salaries and benefits.

Program Support Funds

Jeannette Keimling Bailey Library Book Fund 
This fund was established by Lowell Mintz in 1993 to honor longtime teacher, librarian, parent and friend, Jeannette Bailey. Proceeds from the fund are used to purchase library books that reflect Mrs. Bailey's interest in literature.
Gwendolyn M. Chaloner Poetry Fund 
Named for former teacher and head of the lower school, this fund was established by the Chaloner Family to provide an annual poetry prize for a fourth grade student.

The Florence Gould Fund for French and European Studies
The Gould Foundation established this fund to support the study of French language and European history and culture.  It sponsors student exchange programs in France and student internships in relevant institutions.  The fund also supports faculty salaries, professional development and curriculum growth.
The S. Sidney Kahn Endowment to Promote Racial & Cultural Diversity 
The family of Grace Church School grandparent S. Sidney Kahn established this fund in his memory to support the school’s ongoing program of education and awareness in areas of cultural diversity.
Robert Lehman Endowment Fund 
Established in 1997 with a challenge grant from the Robert Lehman Foundation, this fund supports Grace Church School's Robert Lehman Curriculum in the Visual Arts for the "development, improvement, enhancement and operation of the program of instruction in the visual arts."

Roberta Curry Minthorne and Jones Family Fund for the Performing Arts 
Created by Barton and Debby Jones in honor of Barton’s great aunt and in memory of their son Philip ’93 and Barton’s mother Peggy, whose lives were enriched by performances at Grace Church School.
The Ethel Rudd Endowment for Religious Diversity
The Ethel Rudd Endowment was established by her son to support and celebrate religious diversity at Grace Church School, particularly the annual Seder in which Ethel Rudd played major role for many years.
Louis Wetherbee Pitt Chorister's Endowment 
Established by Elizabeth Pitt in memory of her father, former rector of Grace Church, the award from this fund to an outstanding member of the Boy or the St. Cecilia Choir helps to defray tuition cost.
Nadine Carter Russell Fund for Program Enrichment 
Mrs. Paula G. Manship established this fund to supplement the study of art, music, history and literature by supporting student visits to cultural institutions. The fund honors her niece, a Grace Church School alumna.
The Kim Walker Memorial “Shining Star” Drama Fund 
Ruth and Christopher Walker ‘78, mother and brother of Kim Walker ‘82, established this fund in Kim’s memory. The fund provides an annual award in Kim’s name, recognizing a student who shows passion for and promise in the performing arts. Additionally, the fund provides ongoing support to the school’s drama department.

Unrestricted Endowment

These funds provide ongoing support for school needs, financial aid, program and faculty. the funds’ value is transferred to the operating budget each year; use is restricted to the stated purpose of each fund.
LaVerne M. Tarrant Endowment 
This fund was established in 2005 in honor of Paulina and Fabienne Tarrant’s grandmother, who was a devoted elementary school teacher. Proceeds are for unrestricted use by Grace Church School.

Other Endowed Funds

John Barrett Strubing Fund for Alumni History
This fund was established in 2013 in memory of John Barrett Strubing ’89 by his mother and his sister. The fund underwrites rotating exhibitions in the school’s Alumni Display Case that illuminate the history of Grace Church School through the story and experiences of alumni.

The Eleanor Humphrey Wassman Endowment for Grandparents' Day
Debra Wassman honors the memory of her mother with this fund designed to underwrite expenses for the annual Grandparents’ Day at Grace Church School.