Students have many opportunities to explore sustainability and the science of healthy communities and ecosystems. In Junior Kindergarten students are introduced to composting; Lower School students grow edible plants in our greenhouse; the Middle School Green Team teakes on "green challenges" throughout the year; High School students design projects focused on original inquiry that tackle large ecological challenges. The school maintains a certified green restaurant, strives toward less wasteful and toxic-free maintenance practices and encourages healthy food choices. 

Students have unique opportunities to create paths toward sustainable living, and through a drive to learn, experiment, and play, they share new practices within the community. Each experience allows students to develop innovation, leadership, and collaboration, while working toward building an ecologically sound city and world. As founding members of the Green Schools Alliance, Grace seeks to reach out to other schools and be a part of becoming a sustainable city.

Green Gremlins

  • The GCS Greenhouse is a laboratory for students to explore how plants and food are grown in an urban environment. Lower School students use the greenhouse to grow food, from basil and thyme to potatoes and beets, for the school's lunch.

  • Grade 9 students take City and Sustainability. Students learn about basic concerns faced by crowded urban ecosystems, and through hands-on projects and investigations, develop local solutions and share them with their peers. Students represent GCS at the national Student Conservation and Climate Conference in June.

  • Our middle school students recently won a Golden Apple Award in the Department of Sanitation’s Reduce and Reuse Challenge. The Green Gremlins look at deforestation, climate change, electronic waste, and many other elements of the local and global environmental movement.