Danny Lane '69

“Since the beginning of my working life I have sought the route of least resistance.
Glass breaks, break it first: it scratches, scratch it first. Metal rusts, rust it first. Decay is inherent in these materials, and this is a quality I don’t neglect”
Danny Lane has gained world-wide renown for his work in glass. He went to Britain in 1975 to study glass arts and paint­ing and has worked in London since the 1980s. 

Early in his career, Danny and two other artist/designers became the architects of a new, avant-garde furniture movement; his sculptural glass pieces introduced the thrill of broken glass to the slick design world of the 80’s.

He went on to establish an international reputation for his extraordinary sculpture and furniture, which played with the bound­aries of art and design. In the early 1990s, his focus shifted to making large scale steel and glass sculptures for public and corporate spaces. Renowned for pioneering the use of solid volume glass in sculpture, he has developed construction tech­niques that rely on the strength of glass under compression. He primarily uses stacked and fractured glass, together with twisted or rusted steel.

Danny’s work in glass can cover massive scale; his work Borealis, (2005, GM Renaissance Center, Detroit) is one of the world’s largest glass sculptures--one section spans 60 feet and is 20 feet high! His furniture and sculpture appear in private and cor­porate collections around the world, as well as in a dozen major museums, such as the balustrade on the mezzanine stairs leading to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Glass Gallery.
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