Early Childhood Chapel Prayers

“We hope people are kind to each other.” 

“We are thankful for the teachers being our teachers.”

“We hope nobody loses their home.”

“We are thankful for sharks because the ocean will stay healthy.”

Each week, parents of our youngest students gather in Grace Church and delight in a special reading of the week’s prayers written by their children. As part of the tradition, which began decades ago, teachers ask their students to think about their hopes–for their family, their friends, their teachers, their city, or the whole world. 

“It’s such an important part of the program,” says Head of Early Childhood Sarah Adler. “When you’re five and six years old, your world is quite small, and that’s the way it should be. But if you can help kids take a moment each week to think about others, well, that’s powerful. You can see the excitement in the children’s eyes as they raise their hands, eagerly waiting to share their prayers with their teacher. We’re teaching them to use their voices for good, and it’s beautiful to see.”
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