Grace Students Raise Over $800 to Support Chen Dance Center

After burning down in January, Grace students raised money in support of the Chen Dance Center, where students have enjoyed performances and explored their creativity for over 20 years.
With their combined efforts, the third grade dance students, led by Ms. Lesio, and members of the High School’s Asian American Affinity group raised over $800 to support the center’s repair.

Senior Anya Z. gave her thanks to donors in a note following the Asian American Affinity group’s fundraiser and bake sale. “After selling face masks, seaweed, Pocky, ramen, onigiri, and customized Mandarin messages, Asian American Affinity raised more than $300 dollars! Thank you to all the members and buyers who contributed to the fundraiser!

To learn more about how Grace students continue to serve their communities, please refer to our Service Learning page.
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