Student Council Activities

Each year the Student Council raises funds to support a worthy cause of their choosing. In recent years they have supported:

Disaster Relief in the Phillipines
Trick-or-Treat Drive for UNICEF
Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti
Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Student Council has had an impact in the school making advocating for changes that are important Middle Schoolers, such as:

Additions to the Lunch Menu
Acquiring a new snack machine
Changes to uniforms
Student Government in the Middle School has meaningful impact on day-to-day life at GCS. In September students in each Advisory elect a representative to the Student Council. The entire Middle School elects the Student Council Officers - President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer - following a rousing nominating assembly where candidates give speeches and make their case to the student body. 

Representatives and Officers from each advisory meet regularly to discuss events, ideas, and concerns of the Middle School. The Student Council organizes fundraisers and dances, as well as takes suggestions from the student body to the school administration. Student Government leaders act as the voice of their classmates in a mature and respectful manner.
    • Ambassador David Pressman visits with students in Grade 7

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