Message From The Head of School

Families that send their children to Grace Church School value the school both for the fine academic preparation it affords as well as the unique climate of social diversity, acceptance and understanding it fosters among all members of the school community.
Community values, service, and ethics are part of the course of study and woven into the daily experience.
The special traits of the school are evident in every classroom or activity: pleasure in learning, seriousness of purpose and genuine affection and respect for others. In the earliest grades, students take part in a full range of programs including music, art, computer, laboratory science, instruction in French, Spanish and Latin, physical education, dance, and drama, in addition to the traditional curriculum. Older students have a wider choice of languages, athletics and team sports as well as opportunities for international exchange, in-depth independent study projects, and the option to delve deeply into their intellectual passions by taking courses at nearby NYU and Cooper Union. Community values, service, character education, and ethics are part of the course of study and woven into the daily experience.

Because it is impossible for a website to convey the spirit that makes Grace Church School what it is, or the warmth of feeling that keeps us together, we invite you to visit Grace. Consider how our approach matches what you want for your child. Common values are the core of family-school relationships. They make our GCS community a thriving, energetic, caring place where committed teachers and eager students are absorbed in the exciting process of learning and growing.

George P. Davison
© 2021 Grace Church School
Grace Church School is a co-educational independent school in downtown Manhattan, New York City providing instruction for nearly 800 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.