Acceptable Use Policy


All GCS network users must comply with the following rules when they are using GCS facilities and when in communication with or about members of the GCS community whether the GCS network is used of not.

•    Be polite and respectful. Always use appropriate language

•    Never give out your password(s) even to your friends

•    No downloads without permission. Teachers will determine when appropriate

•    No hacking

•    No purchases or other monetary commitment from school

•    No activities prohibited at school or by city, state or federal laws

•    Do not access chatware, online social networks (e.g., Myspace, Facebook, Gaia, Clubpenguin) from GCS

•    Do not access inappropriate websites. GCS Computer Department and administration will determine the appropriateness of any website in question.

•    Visual images of GCS students and personnel taken at school or while displaying the GCS name or logo may not be posted online without the permission of GCS Computer Department and administration

•    Email accounts and messages cannot become a distraction. Educational use and reasonable social use is acceptable

•    Email messages must comply with all GCS rules of no profanity, no threats, no money solicitations, no put-downs, etc.

•    Special care should be taken when receiving email “attachments” as they may contain computer viruses. Never open unexpected attachments from strangers. Be careful of attachments with suspicious names, even if it seems to be from someone you know.

•    NEVER provide personal identification to someone you’ve never met in person

•    Ideas, images and words found online should give credit to the original author and website

•    Grace Church School reserves the right to inspect student accounts and revoke privileges based upon misuse or abuse