High School Division

Since opening, the High School Division of Grace Church School has brought the school’s rich tradition and commitment to excellence in academics, arts, athletics, ethics, diversity, and community to the college preparatory, secondary school level.The core characteristics of the school - a proven academic track record, the joy of focused learning, the warmth of a caring community, and engagement with the wider world - finds broader avenues for expression in the vibrant and dynamic academic environment of the High School Division.

We are committed to giving our students the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to live in the world they will inhabit. To that end, our curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written expression, aesthetic appreciation, physical, social, and emotional health, and explores human culture across history and geography, so that students both understand the world they live in and are prepared to make a difference in it. The program supports experiential, community-based, and multi-sensory approaches to teaching and learning that challenges students by drawing on what they know and building their competence and confidence.

Each entering class of students will have the opportunity to shape their educations and the culture of our newly established high school, contributing to the creation of a school for the 21st century as a part of an inclusive and pluralistic community. This first generation of Grace Church School high school students is paving the way for future graduates, distinguishing themselves as leaders and innovators, going on to leading colleges and universities.

The High School Division is located in a spacious and renovated landmark building at 46 Cooper Square in Greenwich Village, a short four-minute walk from Grace Church School at 86 Fourth Avenue, one block from Astor Place, and close to Washington Square Park and the East River fields. As students progress, they will be able to take select classes at nearby New York University and Cooper Union.








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