Our Community

Taken in its root form of shared or common unity, the word community captures the essence of Grace Church School.

Since 1894 Grace Church School has been a leader in independent school education in New York City. Traditionally, the teaching and curriculum are directed by the different ways that students learn as individuals and in groups. In addition to achieving academic growth, students who feel good about themselves will be more successful in school and in life. Grace is a  community that helps students explore who they are through service, spiritual inquiry, values education and real life experience.

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, the school is a vital part of a thriving neighborhood, with students planting a garden on the edge of Tenth Street and visiting local businesses on field trips. The play yard is a common attraction for neighbors and pedestrians who become cheering supporters of the students’ efforts during PE classes and recess. The annual neighborhood Peace March in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday sends students marching the several blocks to Union Square. May Fair, an annual event sponsored by the Parents' Association, is a neighborhood favorite as local residents look forward to the festivities of watching children in the maypole dance, buying used books and enjoying expertly prepared barbeque. While legally distinct, Grace Church School remains physically and historically connected with Grace Church. Through weekly, 20-minute chapels, our vision of a caring community is shared through stories, skits, music and questions about human relationships.

In September 2012, the Grace Church School community opened a High School Division, bringing in a new age group and extending our neighborhood south into Cooper Square.

Sixth grader Parker L. plays the Kol Nidre at the Lower School Chapel dedicated to Yom Kippur


Chapel at Grace Church School

Weekly chapel services for all students are built into each division's schedule and are held in the historic Grace Church adjacent to the 86 Fourth Avenue campus. This is a classroom unlike any other, rich in beauty, grandeur and quiet. Built in the mid-1800's in the Gothic Revival style, Grace Church is a National Historic Landmark. Uniformity of belief is not required in an Episcopal school; rather chapel time is intended to provide the opportunity to explore and nurture the spiritual life in ways that are inclusive of people of diverse backgrounds. Parents are welcome to attend the chapel services led by the Chaplain, a visible and welcoming presence in the school.

" Episcopal schools have been established…as ecumenical and diverse ministries of educational and human formation for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Episcopal schools are populated by a rich variety of human beings, from increasingly diverse religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. In fact, the intentional pluralism of most Episcopal schools is a hallmark of their missions. . . ." (www.episcopalschools.org)