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Four Alumni Parents Making Waves

Shuji Bon Yagi
, (Sakura, ’01), owner of 11 restaurants in the East Village, led a city-wide Dine Out for Japan Relief effort shortly after the tragedy struck in the northeastern coast of Japan.  Read all about his remarkable effort. 

Costume designer Ann Roth (Hannah Green ’79), received a fourth Tony nomination this spring, this one for her designs for the new Broadway hit “Book of Morman.”  Other recent work includes HBO's Mildred Pierce. Among her many nominations and awards, Ann won an Oscar for her costume design for the 1996 film The English Patient.
See "what she wore" in The New York Times.

A nice, GCS small world moment in the Times last month: It turns out that a recently sold loft of one alumni parent, Antoine Verglas, (Julien ’09 and Adrien ’11) was designed by another alumni parent, architect James Carpenter (Tei Carpenter ’97).

John Sexton
(Katherine ’02), President of NYU, is somewhat responsible for a recent obsession with Violet and Bobby, two red tail hawks who made their nest outside his office window. In March, the Times set up a live feed and we’ve been glued to the City Room blog ever since. After a month of eager ogling by more than 3,000 regular viewers, on May 6 an egg hatched and Pip, the fluffy white offspring emerged. Thanks to John for providing the sensible New York parents the chance to opt for the president’s office and a view of the park to start the family. Tune in to watch the frequent feedings (live mice!) and the surprising amount of activity in a NYC nest. Check in soon, it won’t be long before Pip starts flying lessons.

A Look at Grace Church School, Winter 2010

A Look at Grace Church School, Winter 2010


Number of children of alumni/ae enrolled at GCS in September 2010: 10

Number of Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards given out to 7th & 8th graders last year: 18

Total number of students who traveled oversees 2009-2010: 58

Number of countries involved with the GCS International Exchange & Travel programs: 5

Consecutive wins for the Girls Varsity Basketball team in 2010: 24

Number of alumni/ae faculty members at GCS: 3

Number of active student publications: 4

Number of distinct collection bins set up in the GCS lobby for recycling different materials: 10

Number of high school and college-age alums who attended the 2010 Thanksgiving reunions: 104

Number of alums who attended the Thanksgiving reunion via video conference: 1

Number of handmade Valentines being crafted by GCS students for the Valentine/Haiti fundraiser: 8,673

Students’ 2010-2011 fundraising goal for relief in Haiti: $8,000

Projected first day of the Grace Church High School Division: 9/5/2012

Cool Amuni Professions, Delicious Meals, & an Amazing Auction. Read More Here.










Diahann Billings Burford ’86

NYC Chief Service Officer

As the nation’s first municipal service officer, Diahann heads up NYC Service, the city’s initiative to galvanize volunteers to tackle pressing challenges around the city. Some recent initiatives include the creation of a “walking school bus” in the Bronx and launching a white roof initiative around town to reduce energy use. Take up the challenge and see how you can volunteer here.

Vivian Rosenthal '90
Co-Founder, Tronic
Vivian, a graduate of Columbia Univeristy’s School of Architecture, co-founded Tronic, a group creating work that “moves between-and marks a convergence of animation, architecture, and experiential and interactive design.”  Watch this fascinating Tronic film and see Architecture descending from the heavens.

Paul Yager '67
Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Bioengineering at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Paul leads a research group that has worked on cool projects like partnering with JPL to create a sensor to detect microorganisms that contaminate the International Space Station drinking water system. More recently, his team won a highly competitive million dollar NIH Challenge Grant last fall to develop a method of testing fluids that would work like a lab test and could be administered by a lay person on a strip of paper. And he got the idea from watching an infomercial.

Matthew Yglesias '95
political blogger

Widely read and well-respected, Matt Yglesias has an influence on the political conversation. A former staff writer at American Prospect and the The Atlantic Monthly, the blog’s current home is the Center for American Progress.  Fellow “Daily Dish” blogger Andrew Sullivan gives an annual Yglesias award to a blogger who, among other things, “ generally risk[s] something for the sake of saying what they believe.”

Pictured here with his wife, Inge.

Nicholas Schneider ’58

Artist, boat builder, leap-day baby, problem solver, capital 'E'
eccentric, ancient jeep driver (as coveted by Carter Wiseman '59), fashion plate, puffball cooker, iceboat explorer and a man perpetually fascinated by wind.







Lunch for two with the 2010 American Idol winner

Four tickets to the Mets v. Yankees game in May

3 Pans of Ian Magiardi’s ‘02 famous lasagna
 (OK, he’s probably not very famous, but what’s not to love about lasagna?)

An Annie Liebowitz photo of Johnny Cash

A night for two couples in the Presidential Suite of the Surrey Hotel, including a cocktail party for 20 guests catered by Café Boulud, massages for the hosts, and use of the house car





penne with sausage and broccoli rabe

grilled flank steak with vegetable medley and orzo

turkey tacos, Mexican corn on the cob and saffron rice

portobello napoleon, steamed broccoli flowers, vegetable couscous

pizza margarita/pizza with sausage/pesto pizza and ICE CREAM!




      (six, actually)

1./2. Carol Collet/Margaret Meyer (tied at 33 years)

2.  Susan Curi Cross (27 years)

3.  Steve Montgomery  (26 years)

4./5. Laurel Lesio/ Sam Wheeler (tied at 24 years)



The Alumni/ae Art Show
We know it’s not fair. GCS alumni/ae have too much talent. We just can’t help but show it off.

Girls Varsity Basketball
Undefeated again!  This particular band of eighth graders have never lost a game. Ever. Not in JV, not in Varsity. Kate Ginna, boasts a 37-game winning streak (She’s been playing since fifth grade), and teammates Yuria Kailich, Lizzie Evans and Lotte Pickard, who started playing in sixth grade, all have a 30-0 record. GO GREMLINS!

Commitment to Diversity
This year marked the completion of The Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, a two-year-long effort that is definitely worth the read. Portions of the plan are already being implemented around the school. Additionally, though uncommon among other NYC independent schools, ALL of our auction proceeds EVERY year go exclusively to funding scholarships.

Green GCS 
The all-around green awareness at GCS—from collecting hard to recycle recyclables (batteries, number five plastics, cell phones) to  purchasing power from the Green Power Partnership, Grace is doing its part to teach the OTHER three “R’s” Stay on top of what’s Green, read up on the awards lavished on the school’s green team dubbed the Green Gremlins, and shop the online GREEN market through the Green Gremlins blog.

The Scribbler
It has been around since the mimeograph (1953) when its pages of news and poetry and stories numbered as few as 20.  The publication has evolved—the modern version no longer contains news or the oft revisited Class Prophecy. Now, under Mr. Keating's stewardship and with the help of an editorial board of fifth through eighth graders, this year's Scribbler was more than 450 pages. The book maintains the spirit of imagination and mirth, as well as thoughtfulness and the understanding of a well-told story, just as it has had since the beginning. Read every page of Scribbler 2010 here. See a vintage edition from 1954.