How to Apply: Grades 9 and 10

Steps to Apply:

  1. APPLY - The application deadline was December 13. For inquiries contact Woody Loverude.

  2. FINANCIAL AID - If you are applying for financial aid, the $75 application fee is waived. If you experience difficulty applying online, please call us and we will mail you an application.  After your application has been processed, you will gain access via your online application portal to supplementary forms including teacher recommendations and essay prompts. The school will process your application and will contact you to arrange interviews and tours. Interviews and tours are limited after the December 13 deadline. Click here for more information.

  3. TRANSCRIPTS - Submit a transcript request to the applicant's current school. Forms are available on the online applicant portal

  4. RECOMMENDATIONS - Submit two teacher recommendations from your current math and English teachers through your online application portal. Schools should not send them to us until November at the earliest to give faculty time to know your child.

  5. STANDARDIZED TESTING - Applicants are required to take take either the ISEE or the SSAT test. Both tests consist of an essay and multiple-choice questions. Students are evaluated on their quantitative, math, reading, and verbal skills.

  6. SUBMIT GRADED ESSAY - Applicants  must send us a copy of a graded essay with the teacher's comments visible.  The essay should not be a creative writing paper and may be selected by the student from their current English or history class.  This essay should be uploaded via the online application portal.

  7. SUBMIT ORIGINAL ESSAY - Applicants must submit a 500 word essay from a choice of two prompts available on your online application portal. In an effort to streamline the high school application process for student applicants, our school participates in the ISAAGNY common essay. 
  • All supplemental forms must be submitted Monday, January 6, 2014.

  • Parents will be notified of decisions  for the next academic year on February 12, 2014, as specified by the Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY).

  • If you have any questions, please contact Admissions Associate, Woody Loverude.

Grace Church School does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation in its admissions policies or educational programs. All acceptances will be in writing. Registration is considered complete upon signing and returning the enrollment contract and paying the tuition deposit.